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A N R Radio LIVE

The Artist Network Radio is that of the Artist Network Conference Call that happens on each and every Monday Night. Where the Independent Artist can submit their material for review, live interview (from the station) and possible rotation for 30 days. The Host of the station “ANR Radio “Rallo Gesus” – The Ambassador 2 The Streetz.” He’s in control with what brings this radio station to life, his concept of hosting the Artist Network Conference Call is what got him eagered to taking charge of handling how the Independent Artist would get their material in rotation with the station he wanted to bring to the table. “ANR Radio” will bring more Independent Artist to the forefront of what a station would always spin-Indie Material.
So if you are and Independent Artist or Indie Artist that has that serious side to your material, why not get it played on a station that recognize who you are as an artist.

Any song material sent in must be tagged with your artist name, and song title if you are looking to get your song in rotation, otherwise we are not responsible for untitled songs and untitled artist names on material. Treat your craft as it suppose to be – Very Professional

Submit to the email address listed on the poster above and the one listed below…

Contact Email and Song Submission:

ANR Radio: