Charles “Chazz” Goodwin

Music Consultant, Promoter, Advertising Manager, Producer, Recording Engineer, Bass Player, Song Writer, Associate A&R representing Universal Music Group Distribution & Record Union partners with Sony Music, A&R for


This all started in 1979. A Bass Player in several bands doing R&B, Funk, Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Country & Gospel cover tunes (1979 – 1985). Charles was taught music theory by his nephew who then played lead and rhythm guitar and convinced Charles into playing bass in several bands. They made a slight impact in the Gospel, R&B, and Rock music scene during those years. After 1985 the bands they played in separated (“We all had to go to school and get a career 1985 – 1986” for Charles it was Telecommunications, Computer Science & Electronic components studies ). 
In 1989 with the purchase of a keyboard, sequencer, drum machine and a 6 channel mixer Charles set up a small studio in his trailer adding mics and some sound damping wall foam (not the egg cartons you saw in Hustle & Flow). This guy with this recording studio a lot of people, musicians and artists came by to drop their style on Reel to Reel & on an analog Yamaha 4 track recorder. Charles recorded a hip-hop single (which the engineer said that he should sell) he ended up giving away the recording for promotional purposes.
From 1990 – 1994 the Rap game enabled Charles’ new groups to get 2 contracts from Independent Record Companies (RCI Records Nashville TN & Hollywood Artists Recording Company Hollywood, CA). Nothing panned out on that venture for there weren’t any supporters available then. During that time a friend of Charles’ won the 3rd place in an auto stereo competition in Pittsburgh PA with the music production he created. 
While playing bass in local pickup bands (1994 -2008) Charles continued his career in computers as a Technical Analyst/Project Manager/Online Trainer (via a computer software company in Charlottesville, VA). Charles has set up a small but well-equipped studio which enabled the birth of Feedthadogg. Now, this guy is active in other bands operating the 32 channel sound board for the band “Crescent Moon” a Country/Rock cover/original music band out of Staunton, VA for a couple of gigs at Max/Trax in Charlottesville VA during this time. He also ran the mixing console for other live events around the Nelson County area.Because of the 2008 economy crash “Feedthadogg” gave up the music biz and started a computer business. Thanks to the meeting with Maintainurbrainz LLC in 2012 (and a close friend of his twisting his arm to help produce his music) Feedthadogg is now able to present this opportunity to local groups and bands all over to be heard and position them to make some coin in the process. Lately, Charles A.K.A. Feedthadogg has been very busy promoting the artists on this site. The first 3 albums have been released via CD Baby. The first on Jan 22nd “New Band Music in the Old Style”, the second on Jan 24th, 2013 “Recognize Tha Racket” & “Method 2 Tha Madness” October 2014. Feedthadogg is affiliated with several Magazine’s and now on 20 Facebook music committees (HNS Magazine Talent Search & HNS Magazine Rap Verse to name a few). April 2013 Feedthadogg is now affiliated with BMI (Writer) and The Indie Bible. He also joined ASCAP in January as a writer & publisher. He also has entered the Album “Recognize Tha Racket” into the Independent Music Awards (IMA). Feedtadogg also helped choose artists for several CD’s Survival Of The Freshest II, Hugo Gang, and Spartacus & The Rebels. Maintainurbrainz Music is getting ready to start networking with some of the people Feedthadogg has connected to form the relationships between these magazines and other artists he met via Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. He will also be getting back into the studio and producing some hot tracks to offer lyricists another option to get themselves heard. 

Facebook, Twitter, Hugo The Boss promotions, MakinIt Magazine, Atek Records, LinkedIn, and several other connections have introduced Feedthadogg to some real down to earth & serious people in the music industry. Feedthadoog is connected with and is now are affiliated with Centric Beats to supply artists with smooth tracks if they can’t create their own. All of this is greatly appreciated and Feedthadogg hopes to share his musical knowledge with people that he meets if they are as serious as he is in the near future. Check out the Maintainurbrainz Facebook page. On December 14th Feedthadoog had the chance to invite 3 artists to the “Get Money Stop Hating” tour in Richmond, Va at the Club Infusion. The artists are Marquise Diamond, Rose red & True Blue. Also through the work, Feedthadogg has done in the Computer business (Chas G) On December 17th the company won an award for the Best in Nellysford. Feedthadogg (Chas G) also had the pleasure of getting connected with Happy Juice as a sponsor. Looking forward to working with them in 2015.
“We hope you enjoy the music that’s being laid down for you by all of the phat azz artists featured on this site from this area and other cool places around the world”. Much Respect, Love & Peace…