In the beginning only one station was set up to handle Indie Artist in late 2012. This station was jus that one WJRRadio. It started out with only one genre and as time moved on, Mainstream was added to fulfill the empty void. As this station grew, listeners wondered what the call letter for this station mean. So back to drawing table to figure out what we really wanted to present this station as that’s when a new star was born, Were Jus Rap Radio (WereJusRapRadio) came to our minds and became the new station for Hip-Hop and R&B. So now we had the two stations, one with the initials of a station and the other the meaning of the station (in words). These two (2) station worked hand in hand together to become a new brand of radio. At one time WJRRadio was spinning it all. Raw Uncut, Explicit, and Radio Versions, as time moved on it became the Variety Station, spinning all type of genre. Later it became the The Variety Clean station and WereJusRapRadio was one to houses all explicit, raw uncut genre for indie artist and mainstream. And today these two station still houses just what they changed over to be. WJRRadio and WereJusRapRadio broadcast 24/7 and still never shuts down unless its a technical issue. We are always one. Keep listening for new material to arise and check out all the stations that has followed these stations on our platform.

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