About Us

Our Approach

By coming from another station into one which we can call home. It took time and a lot of hard work to get where we are today. We strive to become the very best at what we all accomplish.

Our Story

As C.E.O. and Founder of Radio Media Group and Associates, LLC, which these stations are under the guidelines of our EMPIRE – Radio Media Group and Associates, LLC, is located and registered in Cumberland County, Virginia as a local business in a small town called Cartersville, Virginia (VA)…..it’s establishment came together in early 2013 with 8 members. We started off as WSRKLAV_UK. It was shut down due to technical reasons. But we kept it in good faith with the team, came up with WJRRadio and WerejusRapRadio in December 2014 which we have over 9800+ mobile listeners weekly, plus over 957,996 views.

The name RadioMGA came from being in the stats of Hip-Hop & R&B, so we reviewed the listing to make sure we weren’t coping any other station and came up with the name for the station as We’re Jus’ Rap Radio. The name stuck, it bloomed and listeners flocked to it quickly. But what gave it so much pull was that the submission of local worldwide indie artist songs that were submitted totally FREE to the radio station. Our FREE submission was changed over during that summer 2016 to a package that offers as much as 30+ days to keep the indie artist in the stats of our radio station. Right now, we at 24 members strong of “…A&R’s, Producer’s, General Managers, Dj’s, Radio Host and the RMG Team)…” with connections of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites, we are proud of RadioMGA”.

We continue to strive for our artists with this group and all other artists worldwide to get their craft spin on our station. Our emails are mostly full of indie artist crafts in the form of reviewing, commenting, and some just suggestions on what it sounds like, via YouTube, Soundcloud, Spinrilla, Mix-cloud, etc. Most of which are submitted to our station to be presented into the rotation. At the present moment, we delete our indie artist files after 30 days, unless the indie artist speaks on the terms of keeping a song in rotation. It plays continuously in a 24 hour a day / 7 days a week on a commercial platform.

We are blessed and thankful to have Radio Media Group and Associates, LLC (RadioMGA) to build from the ground up, a foundation for our Underground Indie Artist Worldwide, Old School Flava, Southern Soul, Classic R&B, and Zydeco Sounds, House and our Disco. We ask that you feel free and tune in to listen to our future artist and mainstream as well. We try to stay on top of our fresh new material from within the mainstream industry. Keep tuning in – more to come. Our Station link is listed below.
for stations under the RadioMGA.com – click the play button for the station you want to listen too…

WJRRadio – Hip-Hop & R&B

WereJusRapRadio – X’clusive Hip-Hop & R&B

KLAVCountry – Country Bluegrass Salsa

WBSSRadio – Southern Soul Soul-Blues Zydeco

GospelPraiseRadio – The Praise Station (Coming Soon)

The whole site is Mobile Ready and needs no app. Just click on the player to listen in.

Meet the Team

The opportunity of a lifetime came when I reached out to those of my team family, They are the best at what they do and how they establish the business within this team family. These guys stay on top of promotions, advertisements, productions, engineering, and technical support. I could ask for a better team or members of staff. If you want it done right the first time, then those below myself will be the ones who stay on top of the very best in this business. No leadership should be without great leaders on a team. And if you looking for the very best, contact any of those below for a very outspoken authority in getting the job done from the beginning to the very end. They don’t slack up on their work.

Talk from the C.E.O.

Charles Kevin “IAmUnkTheCEO” Cochran IV

RadioMGA Founder & CEO

I came into this life of music for a reason. not for form or fashion, but as a leader who works hard. This success has shown the platform that I will keep my grind intact.

James “Dj J.I.M.” Ford

RadioMGA Assistance CFO / General Manager

Charles “Chazz” Goodwin

Promotional Director & Research Ambassador 

Virginia Native A Computer Analyst/Businessman with 30 years of Computer and over 38 years of music experience including being a business owner (Maintainurbrainz LLC Computer & Record Label), A&R, Musician, Writer, Publisher, Recording Engineer, Marketing, Research, and Promotion. A Member of ASCAP & BMI and a board member of several Internet Radio Stations.

Ernest “Dj CatX” Charles

Celebrity Dj & RadioMGA C.O.O & General Manager of WJRRadio / WereJusRapRadio / MixxMafiaRadio

Mr.Cat X is a seasoned veteran with djing, hosting, an RIAA certified gold & platinum record breaker in promotions. He’s the founder of Mixx Mafia Radio, Looking4 Dope Djs & Mixx Mafia Muzik.  He is also the 1st General of Wu World Wide DJ Coalition djing for over 20 internet radio stations worldwide.

He is also a graduate of Carolina School of Broadcasting and was the original lead instructor of With These Hands DJ Academy (now known as Sprite With these Hands DJ Academy) where he inspired youth to follow their dreams with djing and in the music industry.

In promotions, Cat X has worked for Luke Records, Tommy Boy Records, Relativity, Capital Records, Universal, Loud, Interscope, Def Jams, and No Limit Records. .  . Having been a tour DJ on various tours with artists such as Luke, Snoop Dogg, and Master P just to name a few, Cat X is considered to be a well-rounded FORCE that’s able to transition with the music industry.

Mixx Mafia Radio 
We Promote Indie Artist
(252) 228-9007 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MixxMafiaRadio1
Instagram: https://instagram.com/MixxMafiaRadio 
Facebook: Mixx Mafia Radio 


“BabyKodiak The Bear”

RadioMGA General Manager of KLAVCountry

Chairman of NGO – Together and Home at Last, Inc.

“Baby Kodiak” is one of the few general managers in the world of Internet radio that doesn’t believe that the artist shouldn’t have to pay to be heard.